My weight loss is so slow!

Haylie tells us there is always a reason if you have difficulty losing weight; the hard part is finding it. Having your lab tests done, as recommended in the book can be very helpful. That is the first thing Haylie does with her clients in order to get a picture of their body chemistry. You may have a hormonal imbalance that's keeping you from losing weight. You might also test for Vitamin D and heavy metal exposure; these can both impact the ability to lose weight.

What Haylie has her clients also do to get a more accurate picture of their individual body chemistry so she can reach the root cause of this situation is pH monitoring. This can easily be done through the Lemon Challenge, the link to which can be found below:

For getting un-stuck from a plateau, dealing with a little weight gain in Phase 3 of the Fast Metabolism Diet, and working through overall slow weight loss, please find below three more very helpful links:

Additionally, we would suggest taking our Burn quiz and Intensive quiz as these can also help you in your current situation. Please find the links to these two very useful resources below:

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