I haven't received my order confirmation email or tracking email.

Your order confirmation email is automatically generated and sent to you a few seconds after you have successfully placed an order through our website. Your order tracking email is automatically generated and emailed to you after UPS has physically shipped your order and issued a tracking number for it. If you have placed an order with us but have not received either of these two emails, then they may have mistakenly been placed in your junk/spam folder by your email service provider. Also, some private email service providers have internal processes and content filtering systems that may cause an email that we have sent you to be rejected altogether. The best way for you to resolve this issue is to check your junk/spam folder; if you are still unable to locate our emails to you, please contact your email service provider to ask them to provide you with a solution.

For any other question or concern regarding your order, please contact our customer support team by clicking here.

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